The Path of Bhakti Yoga

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Nitya and Ninad will take you on a journey towards the essence of Yoga, which is the recognition of being one with the Divine, with Existence or in any way you prefer to call the silent source of life. Thanks to the chanting of sanskrit mantras and active meditation techniques, you will experience a new and deep connection with yourself and what surrounds you, walking the path of bhakti, love and devotion. The music of Nitya & Ninad is a door that opens to silence, to the mystery of life and to healing, celebrating taht which passes through us at every moment. For many years they have shared this gift of guiding seekers into this practice, described by many as the most suitable for the historical moment in which we live. The effects of this workshop are multiple: - reactivate and energize all bodies (koshas) - deep “cleaning” thanks to the vibrational massage of the internal organs of the body - the particular use of breathing acts on the nervous system, relaxing it in depth - moving from the constant flow of thoughts allows access to other levels of awareness, beyond the mind - support and guidance on your spiritual path No experience with singing or music is required to participate

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  • Nitya & Ninad passionately spread the practice of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga. For years they have bee...

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