The Path of the Shaman

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03 July 2019
(h 10:00)
07 July 2019
(h 16:30)
5 days
Opening to shamanism means to jump in the void, leaving behind solid certainties, welcoming the unexpected, seeing what is illogic and odd as normal elements in existence, as events through which the Spirit, the Spirits manifest themselves. It also means to perceive with all senses, to sharpen a “second attention” that allows us to catch what is happening simultaneously with more visible events and to be able to read the messages that the world around us goes on sending us. Shamanism is immortal. Perhaps this is the reason why I heard an aboriginal say that the kangaroo can be killed, but this is not important, because the kangaroo’s dream is undying.The shaman’s task is: “set the body free” to experience the power of Being “express the heart” to experience the power of Love “empty the mind” to experience the power of true Knowledge “awaken the soul” to experience the power of Vision “incarnate the spirit” to experience the power of HealingDuring the retreat we will experience all these aspects through the rituals that ancient shamans used to practice in honor of Mother Earth: purifications, meditations, work with elements, shamanic dance and much more, to reconnect with our “sacred” part and with the “whole”.

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