The play of freedom

Workshop for young people aged 15 to 18

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This is a path addressed to teenagers aged 15 to 18, ready for a new adventure in their life. A great opportunity to experience meditation, friendship and the intensity of the present. From martial arts to movies, from singing to emotions, from breathing to Sufi zikr, from dancing to laughter... A holiday full of surprises immersed in the magic and beauty of the nature of Miasto, among the trees and woods of the Sienese countryside. A chance to experience a new space, different from city life, to keep your body healthy, a smiling heart and to increase the circle of your friendships. The techniques that are used are Osho’s active meditations and other meditations, martial arts, breathing, singing, dancing, sharing games, tarot cards. It is a unique opportunity that Miasto offers to young people. The structure is an ancient village on a hill and consists of several buildings, including a modern structure with a hot water pool inside.
Before booking, you can contact Advaita for clarifications or more detailed information.

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  • Advaita is a Osho Do Master; he teaches martial arts, mantra yoga, overtones.
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