The Tao of Change

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Is there a better time than the end of a year, to take some time and create space for change?

Life is a continuum, but it is also marked by cycles and stages which must be accepted and understood openheartedly.

In these days we will explore our ability to discover and deeply accept our natural talents, as well as the deep needs of our soul.

Sometimes, letting go of a situation or stressful rhythms or closing a circle, is what we really need. Sometimes it is the expansion towards the new, the unknown, the unexplored what we long for.

We will discover what prevents us from saying a real yes to ourselves, from feeling worthy to respect and listen to our deepest needs without guilt, fear or judgment about ourselves.
A group that makes us lighter, expanded, and that helps us develop an integration with our true self.
Integration means Unio Mystica, absence of separation between our inner polarities, absence of separation between the practical and the divine, absence of separation between love and awareness.
This group will be helpful for both love and work relationships and for your life in general.
It will also give you a key to get out of the past, away from difficult situations and traumas, so that you can be rooted in the present with easily, gracefully and with gratitude.

"If you want to know yourself there should be no problem at all. You ARE yourself.(…) Self-knowledge should be the easiest thing. But it has become difficult because you have been trained to focus your eyes on the outside.
(…) Everybody is carrying that song and unless that song is sung, you will never feel fulfilled."

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