The Tao of the true Success

A journey to discover your original face

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This group is for everyone who wants to live spiritually his own creative dimension in the world.Probably you already have success in your life - a creative job (on paper), a well paid job, which many would want to have and think you are lucky - or you could be a person who struggles with underpaid jobs, poor working contexts, inner separation because you feel you are wasting your talents and your energy.Both the situations are routed in the effort and will never be satisfying. They are based upon ego, that is grounded on the need for survival and belonging. These two needs are those of the child who still needs his mother in order to survive and to be loved. Nevertheless, they keep on conditioning and distracting you from your whole and joyful creative fulfillment in this life. In one of his talks, Osho invites us to contact our "original face", the one we had before we were born and started to be corrupted by familiar and social conditioning. This group leads you to discover many aspects of that original face, it helps you to contact your true longings, and the natural resources you have, buried under decades of practice to please the world. Discovering yourself is not enough. It is necessary to express your own essence in the "market place". Retiring on the top of Himalaya is not meant for everyone. Come and discover how you can handle your life and go for the real success: the one of your Spirit! You cannot have success if you do not know who you are. You can obtain success if you give yourself the right to be happy.We will help you, gleaning from our vast expertise of methodologies (systemic constellations, creativity techniques, meditation techniques, Eriksonian Hypnosis, trauma healing, inner male and female), experienced during the years, but above all with our personal experience.We are waiting for you.

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