The Tao of the true Success

A journey to discover your original face

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Work and Profession are an excellent opportunity to look within. Work is one of the possible creative expressions of our Being. If we have a job in disagreement with our Being, we will remain deeply dissatisfied. If our creativity finds expression in work, life is much easier and more fulfilling.
This workshop is for those who seek the “creator” within, and would like to give it expression. It is for those who, apparently satisfied, want to reduce the effort in his team. It is for the entrepreneur who knows how to achieve, but feels a void and it is also for the employee who wishes to improve work relationships. It is for the professional who wants to strengthen his centre. It is for those who would like to change and only need to contact their inner resources, so they can let go of the meagre and sometimes frustrating certainties that the current job gives them. It is also for those who want to open up to the unknown and need to orient themselves in the infinite directions that life offers. It is for those who want to open up to a dimension of abundance as a forgotten natural right.
First, we seek work to survive, but as one discovers one’s talents, one can become fulfilled. Work gives us an identity regarding the group to our system. Going your own way sometimes puts you in crisis.
Sometimes, we just have to overcome the judgment of the world and our loved ones to take life in our hands. We seem to betray them and betray common sense. Sometimes we look outside, we envy, we enter into competition and this causes effort.
Knowing your nature and your needs can change your life!

Getting out of the dimension of effort and entering the dimension of flowing is our forgotten right.
Everyone has the chance to get out of their cage, but first it is necessary to realize that there is a cage. Sometimes it is difficult because the cage is golden.
Osho would say contact your “original face”. The face you had before you were born and choose this incarnation, before starting to be corrupted by family and social demands.

This workshop helps you to contact your true aspirations and your natural resources. Natural aspirations and resources buried under decades of practice to please the world. To live spirituality, there is no need to retreat to the Himalayas; it can be expressed in the “market square”. We can see that what we do is spiritual if connected to oneself.

Come and discover how to take your life in hand and bring you to a true success: that of your Spirit!
You can’t succeed if you don’t know who you are.
You can be successful if you give yourself the right to be happy.

This workshop draws on a vast repertoire of methodologies: systemic constellations, creativity development techniques, meditation techniques, Ericksonian hypnosis, and trauma healing techniques.


  • She has a doctorate in Social Psychology Science. In 1978 she met the spiritual master Osho an...

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