The Total Woman

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The Total Women is an embodiment of the Mature Feminine, an in-depth exploration of what it means to be a women who embraces all aspects of herself. It is a journey into the feminine qualities of love, grace, nurturing and compassion, and at the same time it is a journey of reconnecting with  our strength, our voice, our courage, our fierceness.  

It is a time for healing the centuries old rejection of the feminine, so that we can experience our true voice and power. The Total Women is an opportunity to face, with loving acceptance, our light and our darkness, our need for boundaries and our capacity for intimacy and connection. 

This course is for women of all ages and walks of life, those with previous experience of work on oneself and also for just setting out. 

It is a deep and respectful exploration of different "parts" of ourselves that often appear as opposites. We will work with female archetypes taken from eastern and western traditions and in addition will incorporate music and movements, intimate sharing in a confidential setting, guided inner journeys, and more.

Yes there is a lot of freedom in our modern society, the traditional roles are not dominant anymore, and it can create confusion: What do I really want? Yes all the doors are open, but what is my truth?
And how this reflect in our intimate relationships? Are you someone who give up your truth for the sake of keeping peace in the relationship? Or are you someone who value her indipendence above everything else, above intimacy and end up alone? And both ways create suffering…

For some very indipendent women, the personal journey is about incorporating into their lives more traditional feminine qualities: like nourishment, motherhood, surrender, softness…
For others maybe it is the opposite: maybe you are perfectly at home in the realm of the feminine, but you would like to explore and embody other qualities as well: like the capacity to draw bounderies for yourself when needed, more courage to go foward for what you want, more space for yourself…
Osho has spoken so many times about his vision that in order to be a complete human being both man and women need the capacities to be as strong as a sword and as soft as a rose petal…
Why then we often prefer one of these qualities and reject the others? We are attracted to the sword and reject and judge the rose, or viceversa? We all have good reasons to be afraid or to repress certain parts of ourselves, maybe they are unconscious reasons, but the reasons are there... and it is very interesting to inquiry into this matter because usually when we repress some parts of us, this come at the expenses of our fulfilment.
This is why this course is called The Total Women : we want to be total, we want to embrace all parts of ourselves so that we can be more present and more effective in our lives and enjoy our life more.

"The man and the woman are not really two separate entities , but the personality of the man needs the supporting qualities of the woman. If those supporting qualities are not there, the man will fall apart. And the same will happen to the woman. She cannot exist only on female qualities, she needs male supporting qualities. So each human being is a composite whole of two polarities which appears opposite to each other but are not really opposed; they are basically, absolutely essential components of each other." OSHO

"The fight is not outside, the fight is within you. And this is my understanding : unless you have resolved your inner fight between the right and the left hemispheres, you will never be able to be peacefully in love - never - because the inner fight will be reflected outside. Unless you have settled , come to a deep harmony between your female and male mind, you will not be able to love." OSHO

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