Virility and Grace

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Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, understand masculine and feminine,

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The contemporary male is in a profound identity crisis and is unable to relate to the feminine world and to life in a healthy and relaxed way. Through the encounter with other men, we will explore the male universe. We will put bare many stereotypes about sexuality, the feminine world and the expectations of the world. We will connect to our source and relate no more to the false identities created by the Society or the Family. We will also address the theme of sexuality to transform it from a challenge to a moment of meditation and creativity. The Taoist approach to this theme is a key that we will use to live it with greater confidence, intimacy, grace and connected to the Heart. We will learn to relate with the woman in a new and more authentic way, exploring the possibility of communicating and growing in a healthy and loving way, neither dependent nor counter-dependent. The virility – the strength, the resoluteness, the courage, the generosity – will join the grace – kindness, loving, openness and vulnerability. Osho will accompany us with his wisdom and his vision of the new man and help us to put order and to clean up our conditioned mind. We deserve love, creativity, pleasure and freedom. We will learn how to give space to all these dimensions. A group for your integrity and your true freedom.

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