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This workshop is a first step in the learning, Watsu®. It is an innovative practice that combines the principles from an ancient, Shiatsu combined with the effects of water at body temperature.
First, this is an experiential group, where the emphasis is on the joy of learning the basics and the principles of this natural discipline of well-being, working both on earth and in water. The structure includes moments in the water with an individual exploration focussing on enhancing the sense of aquatic and fluid grounding. Furthermore, there will be moments of exchange in couples, where one will learn simple sequences of movements, and one can experience the qualities of giving support and being supported.
One will learn how to move in water and simultaneously, maintain a stable and fluid balance, which subsequently increases ones centeredness. The experiences on land are reinforcing the experiences in water. For instance we will experience the practice of Tantsu. This brings the quality of support and welcoming that are typical for Watsu also with the solidity of the earth.
Learning and experiencing are being supported by tools such as: Ai-Chi (Tai-Chi in water), active meditation techniques, e.g Osho Kundalini, experience in water, breathing experiences, dance and energy grounding techniques.
No previous experience is required to participate in this workshop. It is intended for those who wish to deepen their relationship with water, giving themselves a weekend of relaxation and pleasant well-being. At the end of the group you will have learned a short and simple sequence of Watsu-movements that one can share with family and friends. This brings all the main qualities of this extraordinary practice.
On a personal level, you will bring with you home a renewed sense of calmness, relaxation and well-being. This will be on both the physical plane where tensions in the body has loosened, and on the emotional and mental level where you will gain a sense of profound peace. You will have learned a new ability to be in the water, a new way of relating with others where verbal communication leaves space for a respectful and non-invasive body contact. The quality of water will allow you to gain a deep trust in yourself and in others.

Though this is an experiential seminar, it can also be seen as a first step for a Watsu® operator training.


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