Osho Women's Liberation

Osho Women's Liberation

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Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings, understand masculine and feminine, relating,

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The modern woman has a great need to question herself deeply about the behavioral strategies she has with man, at work, in the family and as a couple. The contemporary mystic Osho has devoted years of attention to the evolution of woman in current times and emphasized the fact that in reality the woman still does not want to be loved, she just wants to be desired and to make herself indispensable.

To make the comparison with such an uncomfortable reality possible, a group was created where women can get together and find out what are the steps to be taken to get rid of the outward projection of their own yearnings, of the unnerving and exhausting need to please the other, of the almost mechanical impulse to fulfill all his desires, ignoring or sacrificing her own truth.
The woman has gone through and is still going through an enormous process of liberation and self-affirmation: but is she really in touch with her femininity? With the receptivity, the capacity to listen to others and to herself, the intuition, her natural constructive passivity?
Most of the time we still act starting from the need to be desired and indispensable and therefore from an unconscious lack of love for ourselves, of self-esteem and of real independence from all the expectations that we believe we must fulfill.
We will discover that the desire, still deeply rooted in the unconscious, to finally find our Prince Charming, is nothing but the deep need for love that is in our hearts and that can only be fulfilled through the integration of both the female and male energies within us. The powerful experience of this group for women only is rooted in Osho’s extraordinary clarity, which has brought a new meaning to the words “man” and “woman”. A transcendental meaning and a reality of life that leaves everything else in the distant and moldy past.
The security that the group provides and the mutual support, will help us managing all our realities as women, both in the world and in our relationships, discovering together what steps to take towards a real liberation.


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