Meditation Experience Zen Retreat

Category: meditation group, residential,

Themes: rebalance the body, tecniche di meditazione, rebalance energy,

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In the atmosphere of a Buddhafield, where life is marked by the continuous search for awareness, this retreat gives the opportunity to experience, far from the chaos of modern everyday life, that inner peace that is the yearning of every human being.

In these three days of retreat, the day will be punctuated by sessions of Vipassana and Zazen, Osho active meditations, moments of work/meditation in the commune, zen walks in the Miasto woods.

A cared vegetarian diet will keep the body light and help it cleanse and detoxify.

The retreat will be silent.

For people under 25, participation includes a discount.

“ONE TO ONE” INTERVIEW. If it interests you in starting a path of inner growth and you don’t know how to orient yourself among the many proposals, you can take advantage of having an individual orientation interview, free and without obligation. A Miasto consultant will make his/her experience available and will support you in evaluating the various proposals, based on your real needs.


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