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Create your personal retreat in Osho Miasto



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Create your personal retreat in Osho Miasto


PERSONAL RETREAT is the possibility to stay in Osho Miasto for a weekend or several days if you want to spend a period dedicated to yourself and your inner search.

It is a flexible offer, a retreat custom made for you:  you can meditate, treat yourself to individual counseling sessions, O.P.H., Family Constellation, Aura-Soma and relaxing massages with expert session-givers and bodyworkers. And, if you come as a couple with your partner, you can also receive Tantra sessions for Couples.

All this immersed in the silence and lush nature that surrounds Miasto, enjoying good vegetarian food prepared with care and creativity and, if you wish, you can follow a detoxifying diet tailored to your needs.

You can also choose one of these pathes:

ENERGETIC COUNSELING RETREAT: three counseling sessions with Upadhi.

Three individual sessions that bring: relaxation, revitalization, centering, emotional cleansing, trust, presence and clarity on some central themes in this moment of your life. It is a non-invasive method, which invites the body and subtle energies to a path of awakening, releasing dormant energy and revitalizing confidence in one’s personal power.

HEALING RETREAT: three O.P.H. sessions on states of shock with Upadhi.

Through to the O.P.H. method you will be supported to recognize the energetic reality of shock and to find the keys to understand and transform this energy in your life, taking a path to make it flow back naturally.

PRIMAL RETREAT: cycle of twelve Primal individual sessions with Shakura.

It is an intense individual process in which you return to your childhood, to the first seven years of life. Through the use of different techniques, you connect to the child you once were, bringing to light family circumstances and dynamics, you will be helped to release and heal the pain you have been carrying inside ever since.

MEMORY ACCESS RETREAT: three cycles of three individual sessions with Upadhi to contact memories deposited in our cells during the pre and post-natal period. The process itself is extremely subtle and delicate, the approach respectful and kind.

TANTRA RETREAT FOR COUPLES: three sessions of Tantra for Couples with  Anjori and Dhairya

Tantra is a way to keep on cultivating the love for each other and playfulness in the relationship. It is an opportunity to find oneself in a neutral and protected space and reconnect with the potential of the couple. In understanding the opposite polarity you will find that conflicts can dissolve.

Every day you will have available three or more meditation techniques that will help you to integrate the benefits of your retreat. 


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