This training was developed to convey the active meditation techniques in their original structure.

Osho has always encouraged us to share because where we share we expand our awareness of what we share. Sharing meditation becomes a great tool first of all for those who share it. Furthermore, one of the ways to learn something is to teach it. Don't wait to feel ready and not imagine that your experience should be deeper, your love for meditation is enough.

Meditation has never been so necessary in the world as it is today. Everything in modern life changes and moves fast, we are continually stimulated by a myriad of stimuli, information, internet, advertising and often we do not have enough space to metabolize everything. This is why it is increasingly essential to meditate: to disconnect from our busy minds, let go of the whirling and stressful rhythm and enjoy the benefits of the new relaxation that follows.

During this training you will learn to hold the meditations in a relaxed, competent, comfortable manner.

You will learn what the role of conducting in Osho's active meditations is, and also how to respond, without necessarily having to be an expert, to any questions that arise about it.

The Training includes practical sessions of meditation counseling with the other participants. You will learn the scientific bases of the techniques you will practice, and also how to promote meditations in business, in spas or in meditation centers.

Video shooting and subsequent viewing will be an excellent tool to observe yourself; the facilitation of meditations is voluntary, but experience says that everyone wants to experiment.

Osho Meditation Training is aimed at all those who are already working with people in the helping relationship and want to share meditation with their clients / patients, and to all those people who want to bring meditation to their field and to the centers of meditation and also for those who want to deepen meditation for themselves.

Code: TR016

Title: Osho Meditation Training

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Number of modules: 2

Duration: 2 anni

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