Kavi Gemin received his Master of Art in 1984 from Istituto d’Arte in Florence. He has been working as an art teacher and designer. Trained as an art therapist he has been working with adults, children and disabled people for several years. His somatic training includes Traditional and Ayurvedic Massage, his further studies as a therapist include trainings in NLP and Co-dependency. Trained in trauma therapy with Peter Levine, he is practitioner and supervisor in Somatic Experiencing® and is is continuous education in essence work with Faisal Muqaddam in the Diamond Logos Teachings®, of which he is an approved teacher. Kavi completed his training in prenatal and birth work with Ray Castellino and is a member and student of the Canadian college of Osteopathy. Kavi teaches and practice Craniosacral Balancing® since fifteen years and is a teacher and co-director of the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing®. As a student of Dr. James Jealous DO, he continues to deepen his personal experience of the biodynamic principles.