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Dear friends,

since many days we have been wanting to write to you. In this delicate moment we felt a little “shy” and, modestly, we asked ourselves what was the best way to reach you and what words to speak.
The present time, the here and now that we are often looking for, now translates into a big challenge that we must face together. Living and sustaining such a moment requires a lot of courage from everyone.
All this catches us deeply unprepared, we can only try to “stay inside”.
Osho, with a clever turn of words, says: “The only way to get out is to go in.”
The external situation is one, but each of us is going through this moment in completely different contexts and also for this reason we are working to offer you all our support through meditations and events that happen online, on our Facebook and YouTube channels.
Miasto is undoubtedly in a particular context and our days pass without the weight of a series of constraints that you friends find yourself experiencing.
Except that, as far as we are concerned, your absence is felt and very much. We miss you so much.
We are lucky, and we are very grateful for this, to be at the top of the hill, clean air, immersed in a generous nature and to live within a commune that we have chosen; the awareness of this privilege does not leave us indifferent, so we want to try to share with you what is happening in Miasto, right now.
Spring has begun to advance generously, the flowers almost bloom, the large meadow is green and many deer have become accustomed to approaching more than usual, it is not uncommon to see them running carefree in packs, at any time of the day. Last week, a sudden snowfall whitened everything for a few hours, making the silence, already present, even more tangible, an image that seemed to paint the suspension that is now global reality.
We think about you, you are in our hearts and we dedicate every new petal of daisy that comes out onto the lawn. We think of you when we walk in the woods, when we touch the ground and when we meditate.
What we feel to be our task now is to meditate, meditate, meditate … even at night, when we manage!
… It is to support, radiate and emanate to spread an energy of unity and love, with the hope that it will spread all over the world.
… It is preparing a clean and bright space, where we will be able to welcome you when everything is finished, where you can allow yourself to “go home”, to be free, to enjoy as much as possible, to rest, to find yourself, to embrace and embrace yourselves again.
… It is making Miasto beautiful, taking care of the garden, sowing the vegetable garden, clean the forest, trying to be completely at the service of nature, which, in its own time, will give us its flowering.
The part we are called to perform now, the gift we feel we can offer you is to be beautiful, to maintain and nourish this space that is light, energy, healing.
When you arrive and when you leave we often repeat to you: “Miasto is you, together with us”.
One of the last moments spent together saw us on New Year’s Eve around the fire, to let go of what we no longer needed. We stood watching it, someone in silence, someone telling stories, as it happens among friends.
The fire around which we are now and which we are forced to look at is completely different, but we are all around there, everybody … a bit like that night.
And just like that night there are those who are silent, those who tell a story, those looking for a place where the wind is not too inclement, those who close their eyes.
Like that night, the sky is black and voices echo, but with an underlining silence that we contemplate closely, together.
We love you and send you all our love and, although we have given many hugs over the years, there is no moment when we stop wishing to hug you again.< /span>

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