The groups on growth, body awareness, artistic expression and meditation born around Osho are famous throughout the world, both for the expertise of the facilitators, and for that quid made of celebration, silence and inner space which is the unique contribution given by the message of the Master.

The typical day

The typical day for the participants in the various activities starts at 7.00 with Osho Dynamic Meditation. Groups start at 9.30 and, except for the lunch break, continue until 4.45pm. After 5.00 pm the Osho Kundalini Meditation and at 6.45 pm the Evening Meditation. Evening sessions are also provided for participants.

21 Days of Transformation with Dynamic Meditation

Don’t miss: 21 Days of Transformation with Dynamic Meditation, the technique that revolutionized the world of meditation.

Abandonment, Jealousy and Loss

Abandonment, Jealousy and Loss: The Gateway to Deeper Connection is a seminar is an in-depth exploration of the wound of aband ?

Abundance and completeness

Abundance and Completeness is one of three workshops with Kapil on the functioning of our Inner Judge. Abundance is the inner certainty


An experiential journey on the theme of love, vital energy at the basis of personal well-being and valuable relationships with others…

Atisha: the 7 Doors to Meditation

Atisha: the 7 doors to meditation is a Retreat based on Osho’s comments and explanations to Atisha’s 11th-century Tibetan text…

Attachment Strategies and Traumas OFC Advanced I – 1° module

Strategies of attachment developed in the relationship with the figures who took care of us in childhood. The traumatic events that…

Attachment Strategies and Traumas OFC Advanced Training I – 2° module

Advanced Training 2 is the first module of an advanced specialization training for those who have already completed the Basic Training…

Aum Experience

It is an experiential seminar based on the social meditation AUM created by Veeresh Yuson. Within this wonderful meditation th …

Aum: a bridge for the Tourist Program

“Love is always the answer” (Veeresh). Saturday: AUM Meditation, a journey through the entire spectrum of human emotions…

Awaken the Energy!

The OPH® brings you in touch with how much life energy you live and allows you to see and recognize the energy…

Bardo Thodol: Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo

To listen, absorb, meditate, and understand these precious instruction on the death process is essential, an immense contribute to our…

Being Water

We use warm water as the main tool to facilitate access to the beneficial dimension of relaxation, effortlessly and effortlessly