The Osho Miasto Institute

A set of typical Tuscan farmhouses, connected by an avenue of pines, surrounded by meadows, orchards and gardens full of flowers and vegetables, by a mosaic of groves, scrubs, glades, a lake, and all around valleys and hills covered with oak woods. Osho Miasto Institute is a meditation Center, born from the passion for nature and the earth, for essentiality, beauty, joy and meditation.

An ancient rural village

The central body “Basho” is surrounded by other buildings used for different functions: offices, kitchen, dining room, guest and resident accomadation, meditation rooms, Oshop and the bar. Buddha Hall is the main meditation hall, the meeting place for the three daily meditations. Basho includes the offices, a common room, the Oshop and, on the first floor, accomodation for residents.

Buddha Hall

Is the meditation room, the meeting place for the three daily meditations and the space where workshops and trainings take place.


Sagar in Sanskrit means “Ocean” and is an area constructed within Miasto, a modern structure with a hot water pool, a fully equipped meditation room, and spaces for individual sessions and relaxation.


In the Oshop you can purchase Osho’s books, CDs with the music of active meditations, DVDs of Osho’s discourses, Aurasoma, herbal products, gadgets, essential items forgotten at home (toothbrush, shampoo, etc). The shop is open after lunch and dinner during the breaks from workshops and trainings.

Zorba Restaurant

After a meditation or a group session, a meal with friends in the “Zorba” restaurant in Miasto is certainly one of the most nutritious and interesting things of the day. Our kitchen prepares strictly vegetarian meals with vegetables, legumes and mostly organic cereals seasoned with the awareness and care that permeates the actions and work of our staff.


You can drink a good espresso coffee or enjoy a herbal tea after meals. A place for meetings and chatting between seekers. It is open after lunch and dinner during the breaks from workshops and trainings.


Miasto offers three types of accommodation with differing prices: single or double rooms with private bathroom, single, double, triple rooms with shared bathroom and a dormitory room.

Smoking temple

In Miasto, you can only smoke in special open spaces. There are six areas where you can sit together, in the company of other smokers.


In Miasto live a small group of permanent residents who run the institute.

There are also people who take part in workshops or the programs Living the Commune and Joining the Commune.