About us

Osho Miasto is an Institute for meditation and spiritual growth immersed in the luxuriant nature and the splendid tranquillity of the Siena countryside. This surrounding countryside for almost forty years has gently supported the life and activities of the commune.

Osho Miasto offers a protected place to experiment. To experiment with different techniques of meditation, artistic and body expression. Constantly supported by professional facilitators in a space of silence and friendship that arises from the full manifestation of Osho’s vision.

Osho Miasto is also a commune where several people work and live permanently. These people have put growth and inner research at the center of their daily lives and activities. It is a large family where sharing becomes one of the fundamental moments in a deep coexistence. At the heart of all the activities is the commitment to make Miasto a place where people can embark on the process of self-discovery. Helped and guided on their journey of expansion, exploration and expression; being pampered by the loving and welcoming spaces and the constant beauty that becomes friendship, love and nourishment with simplicity and fullness.

What we do

Osho Miasto’s program of activities has strengthened over the years, arriving at its current richness and depth, thanks to the vast experience gained during this period. From March to December, Osho Miasto offers Personal Retreats, Meditation Experience, Workshops and Trainings, Festivals and events.

The activities offered at Miasto use techniques developed in the field of humanistic psychology, it is nevertheless not our intention to propose a therapy for its own sake: the center of our research is meditation. It is therefore important to remember that these activities are aimed at people in good physical and mental health, who want to deepen meditation and self-knowledge. We therefore advise anyone with significant physical or psychological problems to contact specialist doctors directly.