Beloved friends

Thank you, thank you all from the bottom of the heart. Your donations were very important, they supported us by allowing us to stay open for all these months, it gave us strength and energy to know you by our side, determined to keep Miasto living in such a difficult time. Your generous financial support was essential: it allowed us to cope with an opening at a reduced rate, with management costs and adaptation to the new directives far above the norm.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere here in Miasto has always been very beautiful, despite the restrictions and precautions everything flowed easily and relaxing. Many of you shared the amazement at the spontaneity with which this new way of being together was organized even if at a distance and with masks.

The initiative

The “SonoMiasto” initiative is still active, with the good news that all donations are deductible both for those who have already made them and for those who want to participate. To be entitled to the deduction, the donation must be traceable (bank transfer, PayPal, credit cards, etc.), specifying in the reason: “Liberalità SonoMiasto”. If the donation is made by a physical person, a tax saving of 30% of the sum donated to the APS is expected. For example, on a donation of € 1000 the tax savings will be € 300. The fundraiser was born from a thought of love to help Miasto stay alive and go through this complex moment. We wanted to call it “SonoMiasto” because Miasto is each of us, lovers of meditation and the vision of Osho.

If you wish

If you wish to know more call  +39 0577 960124 or mail to

You can donate: by bank transfer: Istituto Osho Miasto – Banca Etica
IBAN IT14C0501802800000016934374 BIC: CCRTIT2T84A
or with Credit Card or PayPal clicking on the button below.

Achieved thanks to your donations