The kitchen

After a meditation or a group session, a meal with friends in the “Zorba” restaurant in Miasto is certainly one of the most nutritious and interesting things of the day. Our kitchen prepares strictly vegetarian meals with vegetables, legumes and mostly organic cereals seasoned also with the awareness and care that permeates the actions and work of our staff.

``And I am saying this, especially for the meditator

It is necessary for a meditator to remain aware of what he eats, how much he eats and what its effects are on his body. If you experiment for a few months with awareness, you will certainly find out which is the right food for you, which food gives you tranquility, peace and health. There are no real difficulties, but because you do not pay any attention to your food you are never able to discover the right food.”

OSHO, The Inner Journey

The products

In the dining room, you can find a hot buffet consisting of a first course, a second course and a side dish mainly inspired by Italian regional cuisine, always accompanied by brown rice, legumes and boiled or steamed vegetables without any seasoning. Particular attention also dedicated to those who have food needs related to dairy products, wheat or products derived from animals. Among the variety of products used, a particular mention deserve the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the nearby hills, the Brown Sea Salt IGP of Trapani, the Organic Tuscan Honey or the famous Pecorini (sheep cheese) of Pienza. In the evening, Red Wine and Vernaccia of San Gimignano make their appearance on the tables.