Meera Art Museum is created and maintained by the Meera Art Foundation in collaboration with Osho Miasto Institute. It’s purpose is to show the paintings of well-known Japanese artist Meera Hashimoto, to promote a new vision of creativity and art, to create a plattform for cultural activities and support local artists. We welcome you to visit the museum every Saturday during the Miasto opening period (from March to December) and on any other day on request.


The artist is a well-known painter and art therapist, who worked her whole life in the field of art, therapy and meditation. She developed new ways of creative expression and helped thousands of people in her courses and training groups to discover their authentic and often lost creative impulse. She showed her participants and assistants how to reclaim their playfulness and use painting as a creative process of self-development by combining meditation, painting, dance and therapy. Her paintings have been shown in galleries and exhibitions all over the world and she has been a founding member of many art communites, including Sicily, Toledo, Amsterdam and California.

Born in Japan she studied art in Tokyo and Europe and in 1974 became a disciple of the enlightend mystic Osho, who inspired her way of painting and working with people. More than 40 of his books are illustrated with her art work. Meera created countless paintings in various styles and formats. While many of her early works are done in oil, she preferred to use acryl, gouache, aquarello and inks in her later works. A small selection of her art is at display in this museum.

“Art is the longing of the individual to be bridged with the whole of life; to connect with and give expression to life itself“. Meera

You can experience Meera's vision and her precious work in the numerous workshops and trainings scheduled at Osho Miasto