Come to “study” in Miasto!

In this section you can find all the trainings available at the Osho Miasto Institute and the dates of their programming. Attending a training offers concrete benefits both with respect to personal evolution and as growth for new professional opportunities.
A training differs from a workshop in terms of duration and commitment; it allows you to immerse yourself in a specific theme through a method that you choose because you like or need it at this precise moment of your life; guarantees you a constant “training” for the body, mind and spirit. Participating in a training that takes place in Osho Miasto means giving added value to your individual growth path. The energy field in which you are formed is important: not only is there the possibility of being immersed in a climate of meditation, but also the teaching process itself takes into account the natural rhythms of the human being, respects individual experience, therefore it happens naturally and effortlessly. This allows you to become passionate while learning and, on another level, both the transmission and the learning become a new and unique experience that takes place every time all together.

Most of the training is developed on 3 levels

Basic, Advanced, Internship or Specialization Master, Assistantship, Supervision and / or Internship, which take care of the integration of what has been learned, guiding the practice of the new skills acquired.

In each training you can deepen a specific methodology, usually based on various techniques:

Breath techniques, Bodywork (e.g. Pulsation, Watsu, Shiatsu), Primal techniques, Tantra techniques, Expressive techniques (techniques of use of voice and sound; techniques of creativity and painting; techniques of movement and dance), Massage techniques, Traumawork, Energy rebalancing techniques, Resource enhancement techniques, Inquiry techniques, Meditation techniques

The facilitators who conduct the trainings are professionals with proven experience and with a suitable preparation to guide you in contacting your true potential, even towards new professional outlets. You will work continuously with the same group of people; a real team of mutual support is set up even between one module and another. The harmony that is created is a valuable support that accompanies you throughout the duration of the training.

Take the risk of transforming your life!

For more information on each path or for an orientation interview that can direct you to choose what is best for you, please contact the Miasto group office directly –

Attachment Strategies and Traumas OFC Advanced Training I

It is the Advanced Training I of Family Constellation to recover vital energy and develop truer and deeper relationships…

Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training

Craniosacral Biodynamics® is an approach to bodywork based on the principle of the Breath of Life. The Breath of Life is…

Dance Alchemy Training

A powerful transformation process that uses dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditation. It is meditation in action.

Healing Shock Master OPH®

This Master teaches to work on states of shock through a process that is based on a particular OPH® energy technique of conscious regression

Inner Judge Training

It is focuses on the study and deepening of the functioning mechanisms of the superego and its relationship with the ego…

Memory Access Training  Master OPH®

About cellular memories and related beliefs, divided into 3 levels, the “3 brains” of the human system: navel, heart, third eye.

ODB® Osho Diamond Breath Training

Inner transformation by deep breath, body, primal and Energy work, and the art of meditation are becoming an essential…

OPH® Osho Prana Healing Basic Training

It is a training that teaches an individual session that brings: relaxation, centering, emotional cleansing, presence, clarity…

Osho Family Constellation Basic Training

Finding our individuality and going beyond our personality to be able to live our own life necessarily implies a deep work…

Osho Meditation Training

Osho Meditation Training was developed to convey the active meditation techniques in their original structure. Osho has always…

Osho No Mind Training

A process created by Osho to release the tensions of the body and mind, so that meditation and relaxation can go deeper.

Osho Painting and Art Therapy Training

A training for artists, non-artists and anyone with a sincere desire to look inward and release their authentic expression.