ODB® Osho Diamond Breath Training






ODB®  Osho Diamond Breath Training is a 3-week experience that you can attend either all together or one module at a time.

The Osho Diamond Breath© (ODB) method is a holistic therapy method with a fusion of Western therapy and Eastern Meditation. It shifts the focus of therapy from the mind to meditation and opens up a new path for personal growth.

The art and science of inner transformation through bodywork and deep breathing techniques has become an essential part of today’s professional therapy.

This Training gives you a deep understanding of the breath to improve your well-being and your relationships. It is the basis for breath therapy work rooted in meditation.

Each year, you can take part in one of the three modules or in all three. Through the three modules, you learn the basics of the Osho Diamond Breath method. As you experience your personal process, you also experience giving and/or receiving an individual breath session. You are guided deeper and deeper into the work learning an innovative and effective therapeutic method.
The Breath Therapy Training takes place on three levels:


The Internship and Assistantship offer a professional level, deepening the techniques you learn in the Basic Training. You learn to offer breath therapy to others by conducting one-on-one sessions or short exploration events.

Each level comprises three modules:

MODULE 1 Breathing in Life
MODULE 2 Born in Love
MODULE 3 The Three Keys to Awareness

Through the method of Connected Deep Breathing, some bioenergetic techniques and active meditations you can free your body from tensions and emotional loads.

This training uses dance, creative expression, energy work, some Primal techniques and active meditations.

In an atmosphere of presence and without judgement, you experience firsthand how the alchemy of transformation works, becoming familiar with how it works, while experiencing yourself in a process of renewal.
As you go through this process, you have the potential to become more aware of your body, more relaxed, more open, and more joyful.
You explore the energies of the first five chakras and related issues, opening up to the possibility of bringing greater clarity into various areas of your life. Know the energies of the subtle bodies connected to each chakra and expand your perception capacity; you learn energy reading techniques; you increase your awareness of how energy moves in yourself and in others.

You study body language and learn to read what is happening internally in yourself and in others.

Enrich your body movements and gestures and expand your ability to communicate. Get comfortable letting your emotions flow spontaneously and learn to modulate their intensity. Explore your vitality, fire energy, intensity. You investigate experiences or ideas that are holding you back from being fully alive.

The practice of meditation, being present to the energy and witnessing the way it moves in the body-mind system, are the keys that lead to the depth of your inner being.

ODB® Advanced Training Assistantship

ODB® Advanced Training Assistantship is for those who want to learn about facilitating breath therapy groups and like…

ODB® Advanced Training Internship

Internship is the 2nd step in exploring the art, science and mystery of multidimensional breath work. You will go again through the 3 weeks…

ODB® Osho Diamond Breath Basic Training 1

Power Breathing gives you a profound experience of the work of the human breath: for healing, great

ODB® Osho Diamond Breath Basic Training 2

It gives you sophisticated techniques… In the light of conscious breathing you learn to overcome early life traumas and anxieties.

ODB® Osho Diamond Breath Basic Training 3

You explore the deepest unconscious imprints on your breath before birth – prenatal life, conception and your last death in your former life time.