…life is always liquid, always moving and flowing.

The way of life is the way of the water; it is not the way of the rocks.
Lao Tzu calls it ’the watercourse way’: always moving. It is a flow, and hence the beauty!

Sagar in Sanskrit language means “ocean”

Sagar is a new space built within Miasto, consisting of a modern structure with a hot water pool, a well-equipped meditation room, and spaces for individual sessions and relaxation. Water is what melts and welcomes everything in a deep quiet, naturally activating an immense regenerative process, in which the body feels welcomed and protected and where meditation spontaneously happens. With the opening of Sagar, Miasto’s program of activities has been enriched with new trainings, workshops, groups and personalized relaxation programs that in addition to daily meditations offers individual work in the water. The water temperature is 35 ° and the pool measures 10x6m with a depth of 1.20m. Due to the situation relating to Covid19, the workshops in water are temporarily suspended.

Workshop Calendar

8-10 April – Liquid joy

23-25 April – Healing dance introduction

5-7 May – The breath of the dolphin

26-28 May – Water meditation experience

1-4 June – Tantra in acqua per coppie

10-11 June – Flowing between Water, Earth, Air and Fire

23-25 June – Wellbeing and Relaxation: Aquaprana

7-9 July – Between Water and Sound: Silence

15-17 September – Breath Waves

28 September 1 October – Tantra in acqua: aprirsi all’amore

13-15 October – Pianeta acqua

27-29  October – Liquid joy

“The water is life because all life arises out of the water.

Water is vital. In your body you are eighty-five percent water, so eighty-five percent water, liquid, is meeting with a big river, or the ocean.
You have come to the original source of vitality.”
OSHO, A Bird on the Wing