MAP Miasto Awareness Program

DURATION: 1 anno



MAP is a multiversity path for everyone.

The map is a trace, a support. It is used to explore and discover territories near or far, moving consciously.

Miasto created MAP to offer a path of awareness, which develops throughout the year, from April to November.

Every month, the structure is designed to offer the possibility of constant practice, to give ongoing support and choose to indulge in a fixed appointment to reconnect with oneself.

It is a program with its own defined path; it touches on the main themes of personal growth work through different techniques and facilitators, allowing you to experiment with different approaches and ways of working.

It is perfect for those who, through meditation, want to have concrete and multidimensional support for their life.

It is recommended for those who want to treat themselves to a moment of ‘holiday’ all for themselves, for those who need to “switch off” from their everyday life and then return to it with an extra edge.

MAP is a seven-weekend program:

  • Grounding
  • Vulnerability
  • Pulsation
  • Love
  • Energy
  • Creativity and Communication
  • Meditation

Moduls and schedule

MAP Miasto Awareness Program 1° weekend

Being grounded in the body will allow you to feel your self, live intensely and ride on the wave of your energy towards love and awareness…

Il corso è in attesa di una nuova programmazione, scrivici per ulteriori info.

MAP Miasto Awareness Program 2° weekend

Being vulnerable does not mean being weak. Being vulnerable requires courage and strength in showing ourselves who we are to the people…

dal 17 May, 2024 ore 10:00
al 19 May, 2024 ore 16:30

MAP Miasto Awareness Program 3° weekend

Everything alive is made up of energy and moves with a rhythm and pulsation that expands and contracts. It is an evident phenomenon from…

dal 14 June, 2024 ore 10:00
al 16 June, 2024 ore 16:30

MAP Miasto Awareness Program 4° weekend

We all long to be heard and seen; to include instead of separate; to love ourselves and others openly and fully…

dal 19 July, 2024 ore 10:00
al 21 July, 2024 ore 16:30

MAP Miasto Awareness Program 5° weekend

Living life in a state of Well-Being means recognizing that you have more energy available, activating joy and vitality, bringing serenity…

dal 30 August, 2024 ore 10:00
al 1 September, 2024 ore 16:30

MAP Miasto Awareness Program 6° weekend

Are you creative, or do you become creative? Society leads us to believe that the correct answer is the second, but we think that the….

dal 11 October, 2024 ore 10:00
al 13 October, 2024 ore 16:30

MAP Miasto Awareness Program 7° weekend

Most people miss meditation because they think it is something serious and time consuming. It is neither. Meditation can be a way of life…

dal 15 November, 2024 ore 10:00
al 17 November, 2024 ore 16:30