Revolutionary approaches for contemporary people

Osho represents a revolution in making meditation,
mindfulness, awareness, consciousness…
in fact the simple proposition of turning up for your own life,
available for contemporary people


Have been scientifically designed by Osho, over a long period of experimentation. They enable us to consciously express, experience, and release repressed feelings and emotions and to bring the body back to a relaxed harmony – and then the journey inwards can begin.


“Remember, meditation will bring you more and more intelligence, infinite intelligence, a radiant intelligence. Meditation will make you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer.”
OSHO Ancient Music in the Pines

OSHO Evening Meeting

The meeting starts with 20 minutes of high-energy music for dancing with totality by yourself, “a wild celebration of energy.” Let the energy of celebration build up inside you. Don’t waste this energy in shouting or whistling or looking around at others. This period of dancing includes shouts of “OSHO” three or four times, and ends with three shouts of “OSHO.”

As Osho describes this sound: “It is a sound without meaning. It is simply using sound to reach soundless silence.”

This is followed by ten minutes of sitting silently with closed eyes. During this time music alternates with silence, which is ended by three loud drumbeats. The silent sitting then continues with an Osho Video.

About the Evening Meeting Osho says:

“Every night, these few moments are the most valuable in your life. Every evening, when so many living buddhas gather here, this place becomes the most important in the whole world. Because nowhere are so many people meditating together – digging so deep that they can find the very life source, the eternity, the deathlessness.”