ODB® Osho Diamond Breath Basic Training 3




from 24 June hour 10:00
to 29 June hour 16:30

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Here you explore the deepest unconscious imprints on your breath before birth – prenatal life, conception and your last death in your former life time. Life develops following the waves of energy created by your breathing.

The way you breathe you grow from sex to love, live your relationships and let go in the process of dying. Your body carries the memories of your life. Interactive Body Reading decodes it’s language and unveils the secrets of your life. The Dance of Conception is the beginning of life. Here you got the first imprint in your breath and energy-body on a cellular level. This program locks you in a breathing pattern reflecting your parents attitude towards sex and you being their child. Moving from prenatal life to conception you experience this deep conditioning.

Past Life Healing uses breath as a soft trance work and allows you to meet your death in your last life. You begin to loose your fear of death and love becomes your inner breath.
Breathing is the rhythm of life. Tao calls it the rhythm of Ying and Yang – the male and the female. Balancing the breath you find inner peace and harmony and you will be able to share this space of presence and the depth of breathing with others.



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