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A unique opportunity that Miasto offers to young people aged 16 and over. Spend eight magical, intense days in the company of other friends your age who come from all over the world!

If you have a curious heart, eager to experiment and get to know each other in:

  • seek and find
  • make a mistake and start over
  • sing, dance listen and feel your body
  • meditate and share with friends who, like you, want to live, love, laugh, taste ancient techniques full of wisdom and a little madness…

This weekend you have the opportunity to experience:

  • from Sufi dances to devotional songs
  • from overtones to martial arts
  • from breath to silence…

All this while staying in a tent, on top of a hill, in the middle of the woods.
If you like it, we welcome you with open arms!

“You don’t need to go looking for anything, just relax in your own being, and everything you need will come by itself.
Meditation is the only magic so far known, and I don’t think it can ever be overcome, nor that there will ever be a greater magic ”.
OSHO, Life, Love, Laughter



Advaita is Osho Do Master, martial arts teacher, yoga mantra, overtones, meditation and breathing...