Energy Is Delight




from 18 September hour 10:00
to 22 September hour 16:30

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This workshop is a chance to celebrate our aliveness in all its manifestations; to live and give space to the whole rainbow of feelings and energies, light and dark, positive and negative, that flow through our bodies as expressions of Life Energy.

Breathing is one of our methods to ‘jump-start’ our energy system, while movement and dance spread life energy throughout the body. We will explore the energies of the chakras, the natural elements, and the masculine/feminine polarities through movement and dance. We will move our bodies, shake and dance to wake up what is ‘sleeping’ inside. We will breath, to fan the flames of inner fire and feeling. We will journey through the expressive and receptive energies of the chakras, opening to a deeper flow of aliveness and feeling. Softening into the heart, we turn within, to be nourished by inner sources.

Meditations from Osho and other tools will reveal the delights, the blissful heights and the silent depths of our own energy. Sharing it with others, we can celebrate the inner blossoming that opens doors to hidden sources of love, light, wisdom, and compassion.

This group is for everyone who feels open to moving, breathing, coming alive in the body and connecting with deeper currents of flow, pleasure, and delight. Prior experience with Pulsation or other body/breathing methods is desirable, but not necessary.

No interview needed.


Tantric Pulsation Experience

An exploration of human energy, a rediscovery of the body’s natural ability to feel and enjoy its own vitality…


Aneesha Dillon

Aneesha Dillon, American-born, trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelley at the Radix...



Aneesha Dillon