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Who is in is a three-day intensive awareness retreat , in the search of who you are. This happens through a Inquiry technique.
This technique allows you to open up and find the way in.

A structure based on two Zen Koans, creates a path of inner search that both is passionate and has an inner totality. The two fundamental existential questions will point to the direction, IN. This takes us home. We can go beyond, who we believe we are. Beyond our masks and the layers of the personality and reach the true heart of our being. In a flash of awareness that dissolves all separation and conditioning, we can have a direct experience of who we really are and the reality that surrounds us.

Everything that we always have been looking for outside and far away, everything that has always been postponed to another time or that we have projected on someone else, is here, now. It has always been here, it is the direct experience of Being, no mind. 

The basic practice of a koan takes place in front of a partner, instead of in silence in front of a wall, as it happened in ancient times in Zen monasteries. The support and presence of a person creates an energetic circuit and speeds up the process. You will dedicate these days fully to yourself, in order to reconnect with and enjoy your true nature. Resting in your inner home is a relaxing experience with a sense of well-being. This retreat is an intense and structured process to help us keep the focus on the energies within us.

Requirements for this journey: love for truth and the search. The retreat is residential, will take place a protected space, in silence, in isolation.

In this retreat you practice conscious presence, so that it becomes a support in your daily life. It improves your communication, your capacity to listening to others, but above all your capacity to listen to yourself. Empty the body-mind system from all the “rubbish” and rediscover the most precious gift you have: yourself.



Kapil Nino Pileri is a Holistic Counselor Trainer Supervisor enrolled in the register of the trade...