Inner Judge Training

DURATION: 2 anni





The Inner Judge Training focuses on the study and deepening of the functioning mechanisms of the superego and its relationship with the ego and personality; on the practice of “presence” and “conscious defense” as necessary resources for the transformation of the aforementioned relationship.

Furthermore, it frames the “presence of the inner judge” in the broader sphere of the process of becoming adults and responsible for one’s own life, and how to actualize one’s human potential, integrating spirituality into daily life.This training has been developed into four modules of five days each. Among the techniques used there are: Centering and Breathing, Dynamic Meditation and Kundalini.

The training offers: personal and professional transformation tools; learning specific techniques of awareness and support for oneself and the client; understanding the main difficulties that the facilitator may encounter in relation to the client, resources needed to address them, ethical and behavioral elements.

Enables participants to offer individual sessions and hold a one-day workshop on the issues of the inner judge.It is aimed at holistic practitioners and counselors, teachers and therapists, who already work with people or are in training, and to all those interested in deepening their understanding of the dynamics of the inner judge’s activity. Prerequisites: Previous experience with Kapil and/or Avikal; after an interview with one of the two facilitators

Inner Judge Training 1

Understanding and deepening of individual training elements. The practice of inquiry and presence. Defenses and reactivity. Orient yourself…

Inner Judge Training 2

You will learn to support a person in the exploration and understanding of their own functioning in relation to the internal ego-superego…

Inner Judge Training 3

One of the fundamental effects of our internal dynamic with the inner judge is the formation and identification with an image of self and…

Inner Judge Training 4

In this 4th module you learn a Blueprint or the structure of a preliminary project to offer a day on the inner judge. You will practice…