Creativity and Innocence




from 28 August hour 10:00
to 31 August hour 16:30

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This workshop is designed to bring joy, love and awareness into family life.

When parents and children share the space of creativity together they can learn from each other. By painting with their children parents will remember the forgotten language of spontaneous expression, creativity that comes out of joy and innocence. This can create a bridge between the hearts of all family members.

In these 3 days we dance, paint, play and meditate.
Sometimes parents and children will be together and sometimes we create a space for them separately, where all can follow their needs for expression and sharing.
This unique group experience has originally been created by Meera. It will allow a new understanding  between parents and their children to grow.

As Meera said: I want to teach the whole family what it means to be fully alive.

Children or teenagers can join the group with parents, relatives or teachers.





Kantu Nishigori

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