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Even if divided into modules, Osho Family Constellation Basic Training is to be considered as an organic whole, therefore, participation in only one of these modules is not possible and participants are required to take part in all the three modules composing the training in the order presented and respecting their structure.

MODULE 2: Topics

  • The three basic relations: children-parents, man-woman, parents-children
  • Children’s place in the different stages of growth and in cases of separation
  • First partners’ importance in the family system
  • Diverse forms of entanglement: identifying and disentangling them, being able to establish adult love and work relationships with awareness
  • Separations, abortions and adoptions
  • Jealousy and betrayal in the couple
  • Language accuracy and its reconciliatory effect

Osho Family Constellation Basic Training is developed in 3 modules that take place a few months apart, so that participants can have enough space to let their learning settle and deepen their inner process.

Everyone will be able to work on their own personal issues and will be able to get to the bottom of the problems of their family system. In addition, everyone will be actively involved as representatives in the constellations of others.

Finding our individuality and going beyond our personality to be able to live our own life necessarily implies a deep work about our original family system.
Osho Family Constellation Training heals our roots and helps us find the right place in the world and in relationships through awareness. It allows us to develop our true potential thanks to a deep understanding of the hidden and powerful bonds with our original family systems, which often limit us in different aspects of life without our being aware of it.


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