Joy of Creativity: Primal Painting




from 24 August hour 10:00
to 27 August hour 16:30

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“I want to teach people what it means to be fully alive”. Meera Hashimoto

Many people have a strong longing to be more creative, but often cannot find an authentic way to give space to this longing in their lives.

All children are born creative and at a certain point lose the connection to their original creative expression. In this course we will remove old blocks we have built up since childhood to be more playful, adventurous and spontaneous in our way of expressing ourselves.

We build on Meera’s way of painting, dancing, playing with colours and combining art and therapy to overcome any inhibition in ourselves in expressing our original joy and innocence, which is everyone’s birth right.

We use painting and creativity as a path towards inner transformation and as a mirror see our true face. When our inner mirror is clean, our creative expression has an authentic beauty and originality.

It is a workshop for everyone, no previous experience is necessary.

“If you are not creative you cannot be alive. Life can have only one meaning and that is creativity. If you want to live intensely, totally, fully, wholly, you have to create, you have to relate, you have to love, you have to be multidimensional”. OSHO


Kantu Nishigori

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Kantu Nishigori