Osho Painting and Art Therapy Training

DURATION: 1 year




Svagito and Sahaja

A training for artists, non-artists and anyone with a sincere desire to look inward and release their authentic expression. It is open to everyone and no previous experience is required.

Many people have a strong yearning to be more creative, but they often don’t know how to make this experience part of their daily life. This training is designed to remove all the blocks we have built over the years and bring us into contact with the inner space from which authentic creative expression is born. It is not primarily a course to learn to paint, but to rediscover the same joy in painting that we knew as children. Spontaneity and being without goals or expectations are the keys to finding true creative expression.

The training is in 3 modules:

– Primal Painting
– Portrait and Self-Portrait
– Nature Painting

Even if each workshop is complete in itself, we recommend following this order. For “Portrait and Self-Portrait” and “Nature Painting” an interview is required if you have not participated in “Painting Primal”.

Nature Painting

A training for artists and non-artists, and anyone with a sincere wish to look inside themselves and release their authentic…

Portrait and Self Portrait

A very unique way to teach self portrait, where through painting you meet yourself in a deep way beyond any superficial…

Primal Painting Joy of Creativity

We use painting and creativity as a path towards inner transformation and as a mirror see our true face. When our inner mirror is clean…