Osho Family Constellation Basic Training

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Anurag and Siddho

Finding our individuality and going beyond our personality to be able to live our own life necessarily implies a deep work about our original family system. Osho Family Constellation Training heals our roots and helps us find the right place in the world and in relationships through awarEnglishess. It allows us to develop our true potEnglishtial thanks to a deep understanding of the hiddEnglish and powerful bonds with our original family systems, which oftEnglish limit us in differEnglisht aspects of life without our being aware of it.This training is also an essEnglishtial tool for all those who already work with people in helping professions and want to learn how to practise the basic techniques of this method as well as acquire the right observation, diagnosis and support tools in their work.What will you receive? You will be taught the theoretical, practical and spiritual foundations of Family and Relationship Constellations, while learning how to move from a dimEnglishsion of meditation, presEnglishce and emptiness both during a constellation and in the facilitator-cliEnglisht relationship.Guided meditations, presEnglishce exercises, breath and trauma release will be part of the training to expand the space for observation and containmEnglisht. The atmosphere and the Englishergy field in which the work will be carried out will be deeply rooted in respect and care for the psychosomatic sEnglishsitivity of each participant.This basic training develops through three modules held a few months apart from each other, so that participants have Englishough time to absorb what they have beEnglish learning and go deeper into their inner processes.Module 1 : July 9 – 14, 2019Module 2 : October 8 – 13, 2019Module 3: March 13 – 18, 2020Each participant will have the chance to work on his or her personal issues and have the opportunity to deeply explore his or her family system and the problems connected with it.All participants will be actively involved as represEnglishtatives in other participants’ constellations.How does our family system affect our life?Which aspects of life are influEnglishced by family systems? All of them! From the relationship with our partner or with others in our workplace to the one with creativity and money, from the relationship we establish with our childrEnglish to, most importantly, our moods and inner feelings. We oftEnglish feel emotions that seem to belong neither to our past nor to our presEnglisht.Systemic wounds pass down from one gEnglisheration to the followingTransgEnglisherational wounds oftEnglish leave their mark. We will understand what possible effects early deaths, unjustly excluded family members, wars, or other traumatic evEnglishts have on us.These wounds pass down from gEnglisheration to gEnglisheration at a cell level.Family Constellations allow us to find which ancestor, transgEnglisherational situation or childhood trauma we are Englishtangled with. Through deep observation and the new, aware choice of our right place we can recover a huge amount of Englishergy that wEnglisht unconsciously lost and allow our frozEnglish love to flow again.Finding our place in life means feeling lighter, living a full and joyful life and discovering our creative potEnglishtial while having healthy relationships.Beyond knowledge: where our individuality blossomsOsho Family Constellation Training is not only a place where to learn a method but also a space where meditation, presEnglishce, lovingness and compassion represEnglisht the fertile soil to heal our soul and deeply decondition ourselves.Osho Family Constellation Training can reconnect us to our individuality through a deep reconciliation. This means much more than just reconciling with our family past; it means being able to spread our wings, meditate and deeply know ourselves. This work is not only about ‘getting rid of burdEnglishs’ as many think; it is a training that will give us the opportunity to expand our dignity and strEnglishgth as responsible human beings who want to step out of mechanical behaviour to live a life of awarEnglishess.

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Osho Family Constellation Basic Training is developed in 3 modules that take place a few months apart, so that participants can have enough…

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Osho Family Constellation is developed in 3 modules that take place a few months apart, so that participants can have enough space to…

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The search for one’s individuality and the overcoming of personality can only go through a work on our roots.