Voicing® Intensive




from 30 July hour 10:00
to 5 August hour 16:30

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Voicing© Intensive – Essence through the voice – is an intense work that helps to activate and use all the functions that voice has: from the direct and shameless expression of every emotion to the transformation of energy blockages, from the reactivation of creativity to the reawakening of the spiritual longing to meditation. In this work it is recognized the uniqueness of the voice of each individual, getting the voice free from judgments and cultural conditionings which limit the energy flow. It happens by taking responsibility of all energetic forms within us, even the ones hidden in the shadow, because we consider them terrifying.

Every emotion, every emotional state will be expressed with a certain sound quality, even if the “textile” of the sound will be different of each individual. Letting each one sing, we will discover that everything within us have a reason to be; this brings trust and courage to dig within us and bring into light what we rejected, rejoicing with our uniqueness, dignity and that sense of preciousness which belongs to each one of us.

Voicing© is particularly helpful for professions in which talking and listening is important such as therapists, medicians, social operators, teachers, managers, lawyers, mediators. Actors, singers and musicians can amplify the quality of their expression. Voicing© is for people who have already started a self-research process.



Pratibha is sannyasin since 1976. The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in...