VOICING© International Training

DURATION: 3 anni





VOICING© International Training lasts three years and is developed in seven modules for a total duration of 60 days.

Prerequisite: having participated in at least one introductory VOICING© workshop (even better the Voicing Intensive).

To obtain the authorization to practice VOICING© with individual and group sessions you will have to attend a further in-depth study and supervision (which will enable you to receive a diploma) to acquire the therapeutic tools of VOICING© and how to set up interventions on third parties.

VOICING© International Training helps to reactivate, express and use all the functions that the voice possesses. From the direct and shameless expression of every emotion to the transformation of energy blocks. From the reactivation of the creative sphere to the awakening of spiritual yearning.

It is a practice that, through experience, brings understanding about the true nature of verbal communication, about the power of sounds and singing.

Singing is the vehicle that best expresses the essential qualities of the Being. It is well known that the sung voice has a healing quality for the soul, psychological and spiritual.

In our culture, singing is experienced in a restrictive way and is reduced to be a mere instrument of entertainment and show, or it is relegated to religious standards that often no longer resonate in modern man.

VOICING© Training brings understanding to what the song is in truth.

In our culture we respond to the beliefs that we must “know how to sing”, that “singing is a gift that not everyone has” that “we must have modulated the voice to sing well” that “we must practice hard every day”… Singing is not knowing how to repeat in a certain way something generally written and set to music previously by others. Indeed, this is exactly what creates anxiety, effort, fear, shame, a sense of incapacity with respect to knowing how to repeat certain sounds “correctly”, according to certain expectations. This makes us understand how, something essentially spontaneous, intimate and natural has been blocked by false and reductive ideas about “how to sing”.

VOICING© is a method that aims to have the song recognized as a right of every human being.

Each one of us can sing our own song of that moment, in an ever-new way, always unpredictable and without needing to rely on pre-established melodies. In doing so it discovers the incredible physical and psychological healing power of the voice and accesses the “magic” of the spiritual dimension.

In fact, singing is the language of the soul. VOICING© is a particular and unique practice that uses the human voice as a tool, sung, without interruptions, without preset or designed soundtracks.

During this practice we learn to reconnect with ourselves and to express our inner dimension, our feelings, our aspirations, letting each type of sound and song arise spontaneously, no matter how strange or unusual it may seem.
Through the induction of certain emotional dimensions, supported by certain movements and breaths it facilitates the sound expression coming to unlock traumas and old energy, postural and pneumophonic distortions.

VOICING© teaches to rehabilitate the ability to recognize the vibratory aspect of each experience and to learn to express it through sound. This makes it possible to integrate and resolve psycho-physical blocks and to open new dimensions and new communication qualities.

What a relief to discover that fears, pains, blockages, negative judgments, wounds can be resolved through a creative and celebratory act such as singing!

The structure of this work supports and encourages the participants to go deeper and deeper into themselves to reach the totality of the here and now. It is a path that allows us to confront and resolve the painful events of the past, especially the childhood ones, which have stigmatized and limited our behavior, preventing us from flowing into the natural flow of the Being.

Singing implies acceptance and therefore, during the Training process, one tries to move beyond the fears of judgments, challenging ideas and beliefs and learning to listen to the wisdom of the heart.

Each participant is encouraged to accept himself and assume his responsibility by embracing even the parts that have been in the shadow so far. Self-acceptance allows freedom of expression.

By restoring self-awareness and, in harmony with this resonance, we set in motion the healing and liberating process, opening the doors to our inner power and to the inexhaustible source of creativity.

In this journey we pass through profound and unexpected experiences that allow us to release even very ancient psycho-physical tensions, even coming from past lives. In this work no one is out of tune, no one is inadequate, and nothing is discarded because everything can be investigated and integrated through the voice.

VOICING© proceeds with the deepening of various sound layers of different tones and qualities that correspond to the Indian map of the Chakras and more precisely of the 7 bodies of consciousness.

VOICING© is also a direct exploration of the auditory modality to learn to distinguish “hearing” from “listening”.

Listening is an art that today needs to be revisited and revitalized. By amplifying one’s auditory perceptions, not only is the ability to make sound easier and amplified, but one also becomes aware of the effects of sounds on the human system: the sounds of both one’s own song and those of the outside as human voices, animals, sounds of nature, music, songs, noises, even unusual musical instruments.

This leads to the realization of the possibility of energy changes stimulated by the various sounds, thus opening new spaces of inner resonance, of possible harmonization and appreciation of the silence.
In particular, VOICING© helps to find again a deep sense of Being and offers valid tools to express and interact in the world without hesitations and inhibitions but with the authenticity, the immediacy and the sense of responsibility for oneself that derive from the contact with our own uniqueness.

VOICING© is particularly recommended for those whose activity is based on the use of voice and verbal communication (especially if you don’t feel at ease or feel shame, dissatisfaction, sense of limitation); it is particularly beneficial for those whose profession leads to speaking and listening to other people: therapists, doctors, health and social workers, teachers, managers, lawyers, media operators. Actors, singers and musicians can expand the range and quality of their expression.

It is aimed at people who have already started a journey of self-search. It is a teaching that adds new and exceptional therapeutic tools and amplifies the knowledge of breath, emotions, body and movement and creates a bridge between the sphere of ego and that of Essence.

This process is particularly recommended for therapists, doctors, health, social and advertising operators, masters, managers, lawyers and for actors, singers and musicians who want to broaden their field of expression. Above all it is addressed to all those who feel the call to discover themselves.

VOICING© International Training 1

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VOICING© International Training 2

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VOICING© International Training 3

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VOICING© International Training 4

During Module 4 we learn how to deal with our emotions in relation to the others and to the world. It’s a big YES to ourselves.

VOICING© International Training 5

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VOICING© International Training 6

During this module we will draw our attention especially to the aspect of authenticity versus falsity in the realm of communication and…

VOICING© International Training 7

The 6th Chakra module is about awareness and the faculty of being in direct contact with our inner guidance…

VOICING© International Training 8

Healing Sounds: with particular listening techniques, trance, and sound exercises, we start to work on the cellular sensitivity to sounds…