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The 6th Chakra module is about awareness and the faculty of being in direct contact with our inner guidance. We will activate the area of the 3rd eye through breathing, light and sounds exercises and learn about the various meditations techniques involving sound.

We will appreciate how more accurate, precise and effective the work is becoming from this perspective of alignment and de-identification and how the sound reaches very delicate, precise high-pitched tones. We will go through all the chakras again focusing on the subtle energetic experiences and on the perceptions of the inner effect of sounds. The focus on the inner experience of sound while toning or/and singing gives to the expression of sound a more accurate, resonant and velvety quality and will enhance its depth.In this way we will balance the work that we have done so far that was directed mainly towards the expression.

Throughout this part of the training we will become more present to the inner and subtle effects of sound in the various chakra-centers and in which way it creates modi-fications and releases blokages.

We will thus be able to directing sounds in a very precise way, both in ourselves and towards others to re-establish activation, harmony and awareness. We will also start to work on the cellular sensitivity to sounds through particular listening techniques, trance, and sound exercises. We will work on the various organs and physical ailments using either the voice, in the similar way we did for the chakras, and with sounds of instruments (like gongs, Tibetan- and crystal bowls, chimes, unusual percussion instruments and shakers).


VOICING© International Training

VOICING© is a unique practice that uses the human voice as a tool, sung, without interruptions, without preset or designed soundtracks…

VOICING© Practitioner Internship

To obtain authorization to practice the VOICING© method, you will need the Diploma after completing PRACTITIONER, 5 Internship modules…



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