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We have been already looking into the limits of expression that we have been creating for ourselves through outside imposition and for the need of adaptation in order to survive and function at a social level.

The opening of the heart-Chakra has given the sense of the reality beyond the limits of our ego that will reflect itself in the way we then express ourselves.

During this module we will draw our attention especially to the aspect of authenticity versus falsity in the realm of communication and how we betray our inner truth.

As usual the way we proceed is to bring light and understanding to the parts that have been condemned and pushed into the unconscious and to why we adopt modes of falsity.

This is generally achieved by giving expressive space to all those parts, to the point of exaggeration and caricature until we can reach the authentic longing towards the divine dimension of our real authenticity.

We will look attentively into the structure of our beliefs in relation with the various Chakras and we will discover how the singing voice can have the power of freeing ourselves from the slavery of the beliefs.

The 5th Chakra is in fact the metaphysical location of all the beliefs, which basically are the foundation on which runs the show of our life drama. The 5th Chakra is also the door to the freedom that replaces the need of explanations, instructions and guidance from the outside with the inner sense of one’s own guide and one’s own responsibility. It also gives a sense of trust in chaos and not-knowing. (Diamond Body and the Blue) Vibrating in the 5th Chakra means understanding that we are the only creator of our own life and, integrating this reali-zation, we can open the door to the infinite creative potential that is in each of us. Here the voice has jumped to another higher tone that can be very high and powerful.


The last meetings will be devoted to deal more specifically with the Domains of Essence (also called Being) according to the paradigm of Faisal Muqqaddam (Diamond Logos) and Hamid Almaas (Diamond Approach).

This approach describes in a very precise and exhaustive way the intricate relationship between Ego and Essence and offers a clear understanding of how and why the ego developed. It teaches how to actualize a conversion of 180º to bring us back to the dimensions of Essen-ce from and through all the layers of personality. This is a longing that consciously or uncon-sciously everybody has since it is the primary task of the ego but also its profound dilemma.

During this part of the training we will use this map to understand the parallel between the individua-tion of what is called the Point of Light and the alienation of the ego development.

This approach fits perfectly with and gives a complementary understanding to VOICING©, which in fact is based on the experience of the singing voice as a great vehicle bridging the personality structure with the qualities of Essence. The introduction to this knowledge gives you a map that will facilitate your inner journey and will give you precious tools for how to work with people adding clarity, precision and a new understanding to the realizations that we have reached so far.


VOICING© International Training

VOICING© is a unique practice that uses the human voice as a tool, sung, without interruptions, without preset or designed soundtracks…

VOICING© Practitioner Internship

To obtain authorization to practice the VOICING© method, you will need the Diploma after completing PRACTITIONER, 5 Internship modules…



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