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The bigger and deeper the roots, the taller and stronger the tree. This is valid also for us but unfortunately we have disconnected from and we hardly know any more our roots. On the other hand we are starting to perceive the need of the reconnection with the energy of the earth, with our true matrix.

The salvation of our planet, in the way we know it, starts with this reconnection, starts with having an ecological attitude toward ourselves. Most of our insecurities in fact derive from a lack of contact with our body, the ground under our feet and with all what this represents on other levels. Bringing back our attention to our body, towards the earth, and reactivating this contact, allows to reconnect our energy to its source; a source that nobody can take away from us. During these 4 days we will put our attention first to our body, the body posture the breathing patterns and find out in which way we are affected by the conditioning that the body is against spiritual achievement.

From the acknowledgment of this misunderstanding we will rediscover the dimension of sacredness of our body – our temple – and of matter; the substance that has enabled us to be here as human beings.

We will find ways to reorganize our energetic flow through various grounding exercises. In this way we will reach the trust in the earth, cruising through the fear of falling and of not being able to make it in life and start tasting the real nourishment of our roots and the strength of this support in all aspects of our lives. It’s a contact that reactivates the essential qualities of rooted-ness, solidity, consistency and courage. These qualities make us absorb the fear of receiving or expressing violence and give us appreciation for our physical strength. This strength creates the necessary support to be able to open up to our feelings without being overwhelmed by them.

It enables us to act in the world maintaining our integrity and dignity and also gives the valid support to enter into deep meditation.

Another theme we will confront is the need of identification with a group (ethnic, geographic, cultural, religious, national group, etc.) which nowadays is very much under pressure and presents contradictory realities, creating lot of violent reactions, sense of lost-ness and insecurity. We will work through issues related to our origins, our survival instinct, fear of being stupid or gross, not smart enough, not adequate etc. The outcome is a great sense of fulfillment, strength peace and silence, rich of ancient shamanic wisdom.



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