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During Module 4 of VOICING© International Training we learn how to deal with our emotions in ralation to the others and to the world. It means not only how to feel and sustain them but also how to interact with the others without losing our integrity and dignity.

We bring consciousness into how we have created strategies in order to survive and be accepted and to avoid fear. Our judgments will emerge: about others and about ourself. And they will reveal our power trips, our necessity of being always superior and successful even if we think we are not. Without being connected with the real source of power we are in constant struggle pursuing an image that is socially considered.

Being so busy polishing that image and being underneath terrified of not being able to make it, we have forgotten who we really are.

Understanding this dynamic enables us to see the social construct like a sheer game where gaining or loosing are the extremes of the same polarity that enable the game. During this process we will be fostered to expose our “shadow” in a way that can be also humorous and playful and that brings more light into our mechanisms.

We will learn that it is possible to embrace failure, weakness and vulnerability and we will discover how this gives back dignity and power. We will understand the ancient Sufi saying: “being in the world but not of the world”.

The Essential Qualities that will be activated are: decisiveness, will, assertiveness, originality, courage, joy, exuberance, enthusiasm, single pointed-ness, (white, yellow). It is an important step also for the voice since it deals with the diaphragm which calibrate our power and direction in the sound and capability of being loud, assertive and in full command when the situation requires. The activated Essential Qualities will be: will, self-courage, determination, originality, exuberance, enthusiasm, the ability to pursue a goal, self-affirmation, joy. We will discover that true power is in our own Being.
At the vocal level it is an important step also for the voice since it deals with the diaphragm. The diaphragm calibrates and directs the sound. And it offers the ability to be strong, assertive and outgoing, out loud. The color used is yellow.

Communication skills will be also part of this process. While we understand more and more how our personality is affecting and limiting the quality and the transmission of our message and how much it is reflected in the voice, we will find new ways to open it up and modify it towards a more honest and therefore persuasive dimension. Eventually we will discover that the ultimate power resides in the capacity to dwell in our Being.


During the last 5 days we will enter the dimensions of the 4th Chakra: love, acceptance, self-acceptance, reciprocity, tenderness, sweetness, compassion. Through exposing what has closed, repressed and distorted our original loving nature, we can taste again the tender, innocent, vulnerable playfulness in which we were all bathed in as young children. Love is vibrating beyond the realm of duality, giving a sense of great acceptance: it is a big YES to ourselves and it is a reverence towards Existence. Love operates as an extraordinary chemistry for healing and is the essential ingredient for all kind of therapies. We will discover that in the simplicity of the heart lies the wisdom that isbeyond the mind. Thanks to VOICING© techniques, combined with movements and breathing exercises, we will penetrate through the various layers of the ego structure that encapsulate and suffocate the heart to attain to the dimensions of Essential love. From wanting love to allowing and cultivating love.

The song is at home in the heart and it is therefore relatively easier do sing in this place and it can open up very touching experiences.

We will also devote sometimes to the development of intuition and to the capacity of synchronizing with other people’s hearts. These so-called extra-sensory perceptions are also related to the activation of the 4th Chakra. Through the singing celebration of love we will touch the silences of our Heart and realize that Love is the Essence of Meditation (and vice-versa).


VOICING© International Training

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VOICING© Practitioner Internship

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