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VOICING© International Training (module 13)

INTERNSHIP 5 Test and Final Celebration

During the days of the test, the graduating student will be examined on the:


Demonstrating the ability to master the singing voice and being able to support it in the different ranges and sound qualities corresponding to the different chakras-bodies-levels of consciousness
Ability to change the volume of a sound without changing its pitch
Ability to “glide” the pitch up and down (Glissando) without changing its volume
Ability to read the customer’s voice
Ability to recognize in the customer’s voice the signals that allow you to proceed with the work
Ability to dictate rhythm and times and utilize appropriate methods to follow, guide, and correct the customer’s voice
Ability to demonstrate Gibberish in various sound ranges.


You must show a knowledge of the different bioenergetic exercises, dance modalities and various breathing exercises, and under what circumstances to use them, for what purpose and their relationship to the different chakras. You must know which exercises to use to meet the client’s needs.


Both your attention and accuracy to body-breath-voice patterns and language with the emotional body will be assessed.
You must recognize and deal with the different blocks, difficulties, and “problems” and know how to help solve them.
Depending on the blocks, you must e able to recognize to which bodies they belong.


You must demonstrate your verbal skills and knowledge in individual and group sessions, with demonstrations of Gibberish and singing.

Generally, you may be asked:

How to initiate and lead an individual or group session and what dimensions to keep active during the session
What are the elements in the customer that allow you to assess how to proceed
What are the differences between conducting an individual session and a group session?
How to proceed in “difficult customer” or stasis situations

Some of you may again be required to conduct an individual or group VOICING© demo.

To receive the VOICING© PRACTITIONER diploma, you must show that you have acquired verbal and energetic conducting skills.
You must complete a minimum of twenty-five one-on-one sessions, five group meetings and twenty-five support days (any difficulties regarding support opportunities are considered).

The global assessment for the Diploma considers the entire learning path, particularly the last year of the Internship, and the commitment and determination, to become a VOICING© PRACTITIONER.


VOICING© International Training

VOICING© is a unique practice that uses the human voice as a tool, sung, without interruptions, without preset or designed soundtracks…

VOICING© Practitioner Internship

To obtain authorization to practice the VOICING© method, you will need the Diploma after completing PRACTITIONER, 5 Internship modules…



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