Attachment Strategies and Traumas OFC Advanced Training I – 2° module




from 16 November hour 10:00
to 21 November hour 16:30

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This is the second module of Advanced Training I, an advanced specialization training for those who have already completed the Osho Family Constellation Basic Training.

Attachment Strategies and Traumas OFC is the Advanced Training I of Family Constellation. It’s a training to recover vital energy and develop truer and deeper relationships. A training to regain vital energy and to develop true and deep relationships.

Relationships with the world, with oneself and with life are first of all determined by:

  • The relationship with our parents and transgenerational traumas (topics dealt with in the Basic Family Constellation Training)
  • Strategies of attachment developed in the relationship with the figures who took care of us in childhood
  • The traumatic events that our body and soul have suffered in the course of our live.

This training integrates two topics: understanding strategies of attachment and healing of traumas.
Our ways of relating has its roots in our childhood and how we get attached influences how we relate in our adult life. This gets established with the figures who took care of us during our childhood. They had the task to support our processes of growth. They had to teach us how to administer emotions, to face fears, to develop empathy, trust and to satisfy our needs.

The result of the relationship with these figures can have important consequences on our relationships and on blind spots towards others..At one extreme there is a safe attachment (the one that creates confidence in life and in the other) and at the other extreme there is insecure attachment (the one that can lead to fear, dissociation and mistrust), in between there are a series of nuances.


During the training we will understand which strategies each of us has developed in the first years of our lives with the figure that has taken care of our survival. To guarantee attention and love from this figure we have developed a certain personality. It has separated us from our spontaneity, even if in childhood such strategies have allowed us to survive. These strategies are unconsciously adopted and perpetuated in our adult life. They prevent healthy relationships between adults, between partners, in work, in friendships and generally in life.


The work on attachment is connected with the work on the effects of traumatic events. Traumas push the mind to create new survival strategies and they are expressed in repetitive and limiting behavioral patterns. These mechanical patterns move us away from a full expression of ourselves, limiting once again the possibility of deep and healthy relationships.
In this training we will learn about the effects of trauma on our nervous system, use specific exercises to release blockages and tensions and relax the nervous system, restoring our ability to adjust ourselves in a healthy and natural way.
We will recover our integrity through an individual work with the constellations of attachment and trauma. The theoretical aspects of attachment and trauma strategies will be addressed and deepened. The effect of the constellations on these strategies will be understood, profoundly. There will be guided meditations, moments of relaxation, sharing and celebration.


Underneath each spiritual wound, from childhood or trauma, is locked up an enormous amount of life-energy and healthy energy. When this energy is brought back into circulation it will allow the mind to calm down. The spirit is freed when there again is clarity and real spiritual strength, available. This gives the possibility to go beyond the strategies of the personality, and will bring us back to a natural state of expansion, freedom and reconnection.


The training is for any spiritual seeker who has a knowledge and basic practice with Family Constellations. All participants in the Basic Training of Family Constellations with Siddho and Anurag can participate. Other seekers with the same background, taken with different teachers, can participate after an interview with the leaders.


Attachment Strategies and Traumas OFC Advanced I

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