Breath Waves



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from 13 September hour 10:00
to 15 September hour 16:30

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Breath is the most precious tool at our disposal to get in touch with the depth of our being, while the water is a vehicles for sensations, an archetypal symbol of emotions and feelings.

Breath after breath the body, immersed in warm water, has the opportunity to let go into a gentle floating that potentially leads back to that original state of satisfaction and well-being connected to the first experiences of intrauterine life.

Simple watsu techniques will support and contain the experiences that will emerge.
Water and breath will come together to accompany us on a journey of exploration, expanding the doors of feeling, bringing us close to the original source, where we will be able to honor our unique and unrepeatable authenticity.



Gyan Keli Procopio began her spiritual journey as a seeker in '88, the year in which he became a...