Twice Born: Osho Tantra




from 9 November hour 10:00
to 15 November hour 16:30

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As children, our nature was sensuous and life affirmative. We loved to experience the world through our little bodies and through our senses. As adolescence started, we experienced a reawakening of this energy, but this time connected with the intensity of sexual exploration and a great longing to go beyond the boundaries of our family.

The teenager in us is still alive today. We can all feel his/her shame, his/her longing, and the awkwardness of dealing with such powerful energy as sex. He/she still needs guidance and support to enjoy this energy in a conscious a playful way. This workshop is for all those who want to relive a conscious adolescence and go beyond it, making friends with sexual energy, being light with it, and using it to bring more joy and presence in their lives.

We will use many different techniques, such as:

  • Regression journeys
  • Breathing techniques
  • Tantric Rituals
  • Role playing
  • Sharing

To attend this group you need to have first participated to a Primal group



Svarup is specialized in Deconditioning work, both childhood and adolescence and sexuality, and is a...