Primal Training

DURATION: 3 anni





In this training the understanding and experience of 30 years of work on Primal issue is shared, developed and nurtured in a field of meditation.

Understanding is that the conscious release of any emotion, positive or negative, that has remained locked up or held back in our past, makes us more open and available to the present, and creates space and relaxation within and around us.

This work not only allows us to recover our true childhood, but also offers an initiation into real adulthood.

In this Training a series of 10 individual sessions is taught that moves back in time, crossing the various stages of childhood development from 10 years at birth and “peeling” layer by layer the acquired personality to reconnect and with its own nature original, being already present at the moment of birth.

Reconnecting this being will enable us to make decisions and move through life with greater spontaneity and presence. For each stage of development, you will also learn through the experience of recognizing what the themes of that period are. For each period of your childhood, you will learn a specific method to recontact the emotions stuck in that phase, to find the essential quality then lost. In each phase, the corresponding Body Type will also be introduced.

Once the training is completed, with the help of a supervision and after an internship as an assistant, you will be able to:

  • offer ten deconditioning sessions from childhood
  • find your creativity in facilitating Primal single sessions and events with multiple participants that touch on the themes of childhood.

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