Osho Pulsation Advanced Training 2




from 2 December hour 10:00
to 8 December hour 16:30

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The Pulsation Advanced Training is available for whoever has completed the three Basic modules or accomplished an equivalent Osho Pulsation Bodywork experience. Each module of this second year is leading up to the next one and includes 50-60 hours of theory, self-exploration and practice.

Exercises, meditations, theory and practice, sharing moments and session exchanges will lead us into the journey of the second year training, deepening issues, feelings and emotional memory located in the seven segments of the muscular armouring.

Emotional anatomy will be taught, as well as the theory of de-armouring and hands-on skills of giving Pulsation sessions.
A personal and deep emotional learning can happen while practicing sessions together. We will explore the qualities of presence, empathy, and holding the space’ for another, containment.

Only a therapist that has been deeply involved in a self-discovery work is then also able to create the essential conditions to support the client in a significant growth process.
From their self-experience, the participants will learn how to guide a partner through a session of breathing, expressive body movements and vocal sounds, which can lead to spontaneous emotional release.


– The neo-reichian body types
– Giving and observing sessions: deepening
– Supporting with words
– A session for the pelvic segment
– Working with the thoracic segment
– Working with the diaphragmatic segment



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