Osho Pulsation The Basic Training

DURATION: 1 anno


CODE: 2017C009


Magna and Maitri

A deep journey dealing with the experiential stream of the Training, divided into three modules, each workshop is an experience in itself complete and can be attended in the order you prefer.


Each of the three workshops starts with The Week End, or 3 days of introduction to Pulsation, dedicated to reconnecting with the body. It begins with discovering and letting go of unnecessary tensions, to intensify the flow of life energy.

An opportunity to get out of stress and to be able to return to everyday life lightened and regenerated.

We will present the Reichian Theory that underlies the work and in an atmosphere of love and support, we will be able to relax tensions and blocks in the body and the energy field, blocks which also prevent us from feeling positive feelings, pleasure and happiness.

Expressiveness and physical expansion are favored by active work on the body, alternating with experiences of deep inner relaxation, both essential elements for letting go in a space of silence and meditation. From here we can finally welcome trust in our life.

Those who choose to continue and, after The Weekend also stop in the following days, actually participate in one of the three modules of the Training Base The Osho Pulsation.

Freeing the Body: Osho Pulsation The Basic Training

Reichian Theory. Personal experience and individual sessions. What is Pulsation. nergy: the vital force. Pulsation breathing…

Living the Aliveness: Osho Pulsation Basic Training

Pulsation and Counter-Pulsation. Understanding the De-Armouring process. The Feeling Pairs: Anger/Love, Fear/Trust, Pain/Pleasure…

Opening to Feeling: Osho Pulsation The Basic Training

Grounding. Reichian Breathing. Healing emotional wounds from the past. The seven Segments of the Muscular. The Individual Session.