Opening to Feeling: Osho Pulsation The Basic Training




from 22 September hour 10:00
to 28 September hour 16:30

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A deep journey dealing with the experiential stream of the Training, divided into three modules, each accessible as a stand-alone experience.

We will present the Reichian Theory that underlies the work and in an atmosphere of love and support, we will be able to relax tensions and blocks in the body and the energy field, blocks which also prevent us from feeling positive feelings, pleasure and happiness.

In Pulsation we allow both outward expression and expansion with active bodywork and an inner relaxation, a deep let-go in silence and meditation, where trust is felt as a welcoming-in of life.

This workshop starts with three days to riconnect with the body, beginning to discover and to let go tensions not anymore needed, to intensify the flow of vital energy. An oppurtunity to get out of stress and to be able to return to everyday life lightened and rigenerated. In the following days we will use breathing and movement to open the body to a more profound energy flow inside. As we enter inwards, feelings and emotions that have been too long repressed begin to move and express, frozenness on many levels begins to melt.


  • Grounding
  • Reichian breathing
  • Healing emotional wounds from the past
  • The seven segments of the muscular armouring
  • The ocular segment release
  • The oral and cervical segment release
  • The individual session



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