Ecstatic Pulsation




from 17 May hour 10:00
to 19 May hour 16:30

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Ecstatic Pulsation is an approach that uniquely balances structure and freedom in movement. This balance is the basis of its effectiveness and the transformative experience it offers.

It was born from the meeting of Osho’s work Pulsation and the free and conscious movement of Ecstatic Dance.

The structured work of Pulsation, based on the studies of Willhelm Reich, provides the awareness and tools necessary to anchor the process of transformation and personal growth in the body.

During the two days, we combine Bioenergetic exercises, Reichian deep breathing, expressive movements, to facilitate the release of muscular tension and allow energy to move through the body.


From the structured phase we flow into dance, here, the emphasis shifts from structure to flow, to self-expression and liberation. An opportunity to rediscover your spontaneity and enjoy dance in its full and total vital expression. The balance between structure and free movement is what makes Estatic Pulsation a rich and fulfilling practice. It allows people to experience an inner journey through the body, tapping into layers of deep vitality, accessing the intuitive wisdom of the body, where memories, understandings and new forms of expression can emerge.


Ecstatic Dance is a form of artistic expression and movement that has its roots in the culture of free and improvised dance. This practice differs from traditional dance in that it does not follow fixed choreographic rules or specific styles, but rather focuses on expressing oneself through authentic and spontaneous movement.

The key to Ecstatic Dance is freedom of expression: there are no rigid rules, no judgments on dance styles or individual abilities.

It is an inclusive practice open to people of all ages and physical abilities, and has gained popularity as a form of moving meditation, in which the body becomes the medium through which one explores one’s inner self.

The dances are accompanied by DJ Dan Rohi

Saturday evening includes an Ecstatic Dance Event open to participants external to the group.

“The dancer becomes one with the dance. Even when he starts dancing, the unity does not break, there is no duality. There is absolute unity” OSHO, The Secret



Maitri has dedicated herself for years to the exploration of the body in its infinite nuances and...